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Colourstrings is a Kodaly based, child centred approach to music education that has been in existence since the early 1970's. Its originators, the Hungarian brothers Geza and Csaba Szilvay, revolutionised music education in Finland to such an extent that Colourstrings has become an integral part of the state music school system there.

Colourstrings has gained an outstanding reputation for the skill of its teachers, the success of its students and the inspiring ideas that drive it. Colourstrings is striving to bring music back into the heart of the community through special projects in schools in various London boroughs. Colourstrings teachers are working all over the country in a variety of situations, including nursery and primary schools, music schools, in private tuition and music agencies.

The Szilvay Foundation underpins the work of Colourstrings teachers by providing the highest quality teacher training to professional musicians in music kindergarten (pre-instrumental classes for under 7's), violin/viola, 'cello, double bass, piano, guitar and flute. International courses are run annually and nationally, courses leading to a qualification are provided three times a year.